30 Days Wild – Day 29 – A Trip to the Park with the Brownies

I volunteer for a local Brownies pack (part of Girlguiding UK) and today we took them to the park to play out in the open on the grass. I led some wide, group games and the girls seemed to have fun too. 


30 Days Wild – Day 28 – Baking Hedgehog Cupcakes & Watching Juvenile Blue Tits

Day 28 of the ’30 Days Wild’ challenge, and today I baked “a baker’s dozen” of chocolate cupcakes and decorated them to look like hedgehogs. 

My other half helped me, and his looked pretty good! The decoration used chocolate flavour fondants, secured with writing icing. They tasted great too!


Today I also watched the juvenile blue tits visiting the bird feeders in the garden. There were two of them and two adults. The juveniles haven’t quite got the hang of landing on the feeders yet, so they cling to the side of them first before landing on the perch. One of them grabbed a seed, sat with it in its beak for a few seconds, and then purposely threw it on the floor before grabbing another. They look so cute with their grey colours, and clearly need a little longer to master the art of the bird feeders.

30 Days Wild – Day 27 – Making a Bee Waterer (or two)

I had seen someone else make a bee waterer for their 30 Days Wild blog, and this inspired me to make my own. Being a bee is thirsty work – they don’t say “you’ve been a busy bee” for nothing. I also saw a video on Facebook educating people that if you see a bee on the floor (or anywhere) that looks very slow and worn out, to leave a spoon-full of sugary water in front of it. The video showed a tired bee clearly drinking up the sugary water to regain its energy. Most people would probably just walk past the bee thinking it is about to die, but you can help save a bees life!

To make my bee waterers, I used two old dishes I found in the garden and filled them with small stones. I rinsed the dishes and the stones first, then filled the dishes with water about two-thirds full. The reason for the stones is to give the bees something to land on, and only filling it two-thirds with water so the bees can safely walk across the stones without drowning.  
Here they are:

I placed the dishes near to flowers that I know bees like:


I also came across some cuckoo spit in the garden:


And some wild strawberries!:


30 Days Wild – Day 26 – Rainbow Garden Flowers

Now that I am back in the UK I can continue looking at our wonderful wildlife. I thought I would try to find all the colours of the rainbow in my own garden this time, instead of abroad. So here goes:

Red – Red Robin leaves:

Orange – Californian poppy:


Yellow – buttercups:

Green – the leaves of most plants.

Blue – tiny forget-me-nots:



Violet – verbena:


And some bonus flowers too:


30 Days Wild – Day 25 – Vibrant Colours

I attempted to snap all the colours of the rainbow, and I came pretty close. They’re not quite all of the rainbow colours, but are still vibrant.

Red – hibiscus flower:  


 Orange – bird of paradise flower & other flowers:

Yellow – hibiscus flower:

Green – leaves, & pink – flower:

Blue – sky, & turquoise – sea:

Yellow & fuscia – flowers:

Peach – hibiscus flowers:


Purple – the back of a leaf:


30 Days Wild – Day 24 – Sand Dunes

Day 24 included a walk across the sand dunes of Northern Fuertaventura. I was surprised at how tiring it was to walk across the sand. The wind was blowing sand over the top of the dunes, which kept battering against my legs – ouch! 
I was glad that the occasional cloud passed in front of the sun to provide me with some temporary shade. It was hot work trekking to the top of the dunes. The sand dunes stretched far into the distance, only interrupted by the volcanic mountains in one direction, and tourist hotels in the other.

Later on in the day I saw three camels being ridden across the dunes. As well as a giant earwig that decided to crawl across my towel as I sat on the beach. What a strange place for him to be.

The photo isn’t the best because once again, I had to take a photo from my smart phone of my camera screen.  

30 Days Wild – Day 23 – Lagoons & Volcano Craters of Northern Fuertaventura

During a quad bike tour of the north part of Fuertaventura, I got to see the many volcano craters from all angles,  beautiful views of the beaches, sea, and the lagoons of Cotillo (pictured below).
I walked barefoot into the lagoons, where a shrimp decided it wanted to sit on my toes. It started digging at my sand-covered feet; maybe he was trying to give me a pedicure! Every time I stepped away from him he swam towards me and started rearranging the sand on my feet. No idea why, but it was kind of cute.