30 Days Wild – Day 4 – Bees

I have been wanting to do this for days now, but today I finally did it – I watched the bees in the garden drinking nectar from the flowers. 
There is a section of the flower bed that the bees absolutely love, made up of Allium (the big purple ‘ball’ of flowers) and Aquilegia (the other purple flowers). This isn’t the best photo, but here is one of the bees having its dinner:

And another:

There were only a handful of bees (less than 10), but of course, none of the specific flowers were revisited by any of the bees. Bees can sense the electrical fields of the flowers to tell whether the flower has recently been visited by another bee, and therefore avoids these flowers. If it has been recently visited, I guess the nectar will already have been consumed.
I have just read an article by the National Geographic which explains how bees end up being positively charged, while flowers are negatively charged. Now if you remember basic science from school you will know that opposite charges attract. This means that sometimes the pollen will ‘jump’ towards the bee and ‘stick’ to the bee. That is incredible! All of this is happening right in front of us and we would never know. Amazing. 


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