30 Days Wild – Day 8 – Wildlife Webcam & Springwatch

I watched the Wildlife Trust webcam of  a barn owl nest in Essex. The adult was sitting in the nest next to three chicks, and eating some sort of small rodent. I was surprised that the adult wasn’t offering any to the chicks, but I guess the adults have to eat too.

One of the chicks was notably bigger than the others, but this could be due to that egg being laid a few days before the others. Barn owls usually lay 4-7 eggs with a few days gap between each egg.
I also watched Springwatch; Si and Phil the sticklebacks were fanning the eggs in their underwater nests. Si was more successful, but only because an otter had trampled on Phil’s nest, so sadly the fry that were inside no longer had a home and ended up being lunch for other passing stickleback and beetles.


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