30 Days Wild – Day 9 – Swifts, Mystery Bird and No Moths

I saw swifts for the first time today! I can see why they are called swifts – they change direction really fast and are so agile. There were about 6 of them darting about, flying in front of cars and back up again in a split second. 
I recognised the shape of them from an RSPB pin badge I had seen. I was so surprised to see swifts flying around my local neighbourhood.
I also saw something else for the first time. I saw something hovering above a bush – I assumed there was someone standing behind the bush flying a kite, as it was quite windy today so it would make sense. But as I moved forwards, I could see there was no person behind the bush and it was an actual bird hovering; It wasn’t flapping its wings at all. The bird then swooped down and landed on a brimming bin amongst the bushes. I still can’t figure out what this bird was; I thought it could be a red kite or a kestrel, but I’m not an expert on birds of prey so I don’t know. If anyone has any suggestions or ways for me to tell if I see it again then please comment to let me know.
My attempt at a moth light sheet today was very much a fail. I set up a sheet and aimed a bright torch at it. I left it for around an hour, checking it at regular intervals, but the only insect that showed up was a bluebottle that flew off almost immediately. I think it was too windy for moths as the sheet was flapping around in the wind. One to try again another time I think.



2 thoughts on “30 Days Wild – Day 9 – Swifts, Mystery Bird and No Moths

  1. A hovering bird of prey would be a kestrel. The red kite is a much bigger bird but would be more likely to be holding in the wind and dropping onto a bin. Not much help I am afraid but the size is the difference.


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