30 Days Wild – Day 13 – Garden Birds

Many birds visit our garden on a daily basis. The most frequently spotted is the blue tit, probably because there are so many. Day 13 included listening to bird calls in the garden – blackbirds, great tits and a mystery bird call that I couldn’t identify. The blackbirds always shout for their territory in the evenings. Recently there has been an additional blackbird with a very different song – so much so that I thought it wasn’t a blackbird! His call at some points sounds like an alarm clock or car alarm. I wonder whether he has copied these sounds from living so near to humans.
Below is a list of birds that have been seen in the garden recently;

  • Blue tit (a few families – possibly as many as 15 individuals)
  • Starling (6)
  • Robin (usually 2 or 3)
  • Blackbird (4)
  • Gold finch (4-5)
  • Green finch (4)
  • Bull finch (2)
  • Great tit (2)
  • Coal tit (2)
  • Wood pigeon (3)
  • Collared dove (2)
  • Feral pigeon (2)
  • Magpie (2)
  • Great spotted woodpecker (1)
  • Green woodpecker (1)
  • Crow (1)
  • Sparrow hawk (1)

I haven’t seen any long tailed tits for a while; but over the winter months there were around 6. We are also able to hear tawny owls in the local woodland occasionally, although I haven’t heard them in a few months now.
My aim was to upload some photos I have taken of the birds in the garden but I haven’t had time, so I shall do this in a later post.


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