30 Days Wild – Day 16 – Beach Walk, Rock Pools & Sparkly Salt

I am no longer in the UK (well for the next week or so) so my 30 Days Wild challenge is being continued abroad for the time being. 
Today, during a walk along the coastline I came across a number of small beaches. One of them being this white beach. I have seen almost-white beaches before where the sand is such a light yellow colour it is incredibly pale, but I had never seen a white beach until today. 

I even managed to snap a seagull in the above picture too. I was trying to take a close-up of it but he was swooping around too quickly so kept moving out of shot. 
I also came across some rock pools when the tide was out. The only life forms I could were some strange creatures in shells. 

The shelled beings looked like a worm coming out of one end of the white shell, and a mini octopus coming out of the other side – very strange! They were attached to a wooden pallette that had been left in the sea.

At the shallow side of the rock pools were areas of crystallised salt where the water had evaporated – sparkly!



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