30 Days Wild – Day 17 – Rock Pools (part 2) and Star Gazing

I found another hoard of rock pools and this time they were home to some creatures; Tiny shoals of fish, hermit crabs and shrimp. 


My other half used his Go Pro camera attached to a pole to film the shrimp. They kept trying to climb aboard the camera – I think they were attracted by the shiny lens. I love watching shrimp move around and pass sand between their legs as if they are feeling each individual grain. 

Tiny fish:

These photos are terrible because I used my smartphone to take a photo of my camera screen (so I could add them to this blog) but they are visible!
Star gazing was also on the agenda: I saw two distinct groups of stars that could have been constellations but I don’t know them well enough to know what they might be. One star was much brighter than the rest so my thoughts are that this could have been a planet. I was in an area with quite a lot of light pollution so didn’t see the fainter stars, so this is definitely one to try again in a darker place.


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