30 Days Wild – Day 19 – Snorkling with Tropical Fish

Today has been amazing. As part of a Catamaran trip to the nearby island of Los Lobos, I went snorkling for the first time. At first I was a bit scared because I was just told to choose a snorkle, jump off the side of the Catamaran into the sea and that was it. But I soon figured out how to put the snorkel on (whilst already trying to tread water), and quickly realised that I had to breathe through my mouth. 


The water was shallow – around 8 metres deep – but that was plenty of room for the creatures below. As I put my face into the water I could see hundreds, or maybe even a few thousand, tropical fish swimming beneath me. My favourite type had blue tips on its tail.


The guide gave us chunks of crusty bread to feed the fish. I held the bread down into the water as far as I could and the fish immediately started pecking at it and swarming around. I was a little startled so dropped the bread, which floated to the surface. I tried again and once more the fish swarmed. It was incredible how fast they clocked on that food was on offer.


It was amazing to see so many tropical fish and be able to swim amongst them and observe them swimming in their natural habitat. It is something I would definitely recommend and would absolutely love to do again one day. It definitely beats seeing them in any aquarium!


Lobos itself is a nature reserve and we sailed past an eagle’s nest high up on the rocks. Unfortunately no eagles were visible at the time. 


I also tried paddle boarding and kayaking in the sea for the first time today. I could just about stand on the paddle board before falling off. Kayaking is definitely a lot of fun and also something I want to try again. All in all, a brilliant day of trying new sea activities and observing wild, tropical fish. 


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