30 Days Wild – Day 24 – Sand Dunes

Day 24 included a walk across the sand dunes of Northern Fuertaventura. I was surprised at how tiring it was to walk across the sand. The wind was blowing sand over the top of the dunes, which kept battering against my legs – ouch! 
I was glad that the occasional cloud passed in front of the sun to provide me with some temporary shade. It was hot work trekking to the top of the dunes. The sand dunes stretched far into the distance, only interrupted by the volcanic mountains in one direction, and tourist hotels in the other.

Later on in the day I saw three camels being ridden across the dunes. As well as a giant earwig that decided to crawl across my towel as I sat on the beach. What a strange place for him to be.

The photo isn’t the best because once again, I had to take a photo from my smart phone of my camera screen.  


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