30 Days Wild – Day 27 – Making a Bee Waterer (or two)

I had seen someone else make a bee waterer for their 30 Days Wild blog, and this inspired me to make my own. Being a bee is thirsty work – they don’t say “you’ve been a busy bee” for nothing. I also saw a video on Facebook educating people that if you see a bee on the floor (or anywhere) that looks very slow and worn out, to leave a spoon-full of sugary water in front of it. The video showed a tired bee clearly drinking up the sugary water to regain its energy. Most people would probably just walk past the bee thinking it is about to die, but you can help save a bees life!

To make my bee waterers, I used two old dishes I found in the garden and filled them with small stones. I rinsed the dishes and the stones first, then filled the dishes with water about two-thirds full. The reason for the stones is to give the bees something to land on, and only filling it two-thirds with water so the bees can safely walk across the stones without drowning.  
Here they are:

I placed the dishes near to flowers that I know bees like:


I also came across some cuckoo spit in the garden:


And some wild strawberries!:



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