30 Days Wild – Day 30 – Small Mammal Footprint Tunnel

On the final day of ’30 Days Wild’ I created a small mammal footprint tunnel. I have been collecting empty juice cartons, waiting until I have all of the materials I need to make it. And what perfect timing than to have everything for the final day of the challenge!
I cut the top and bottom off of three empty juice cartons, then lined the bottom of each inside with paper. I taped the juice cartons together to form a tunnel. Then I trimmed a butter lid so it would fit inside the tunnel, and cut a sponge cleaning cloth to size to fit inside the butter lid. 


This is as far as I got, as I do not want to place the tunnel outside yet – I will explain why later. 
The next step is to soak the sponge with food colouring, and place it in the middle of the tunnel. Then fill a milk bottle lid with bait, such as meal worms, seeds, or cat food, and place this in the centre of the sponge. 
Once the tunnel is complete, it would need to be placed along the edge of the garden where small mammals are likely to roam. The tunnel then needs to be covered with twigs, stones and leaves to disguise it and provide cover, and also to weigh it down so it doesn’t move.
Then the exciting part – check the next morning to see what footprints are on the paper.
The reason I do not want to place the tunnel outside yet is due to the warm weather we have at the moment. This would cause the food colouring to dry out very quickly and reduce my chances of finding footprints from any visitors. So this is one for a future blog post – to be continued…
Oh and I also topped up my bee waterers with water too.