Baby Coots, Hungry Fox, Big Butterfly Count and Kestral Sighting

I have had a little break from my blog as July is always a busy month for me, but by no means has that meant a break from wildlife and nature.

A few days ago I saw an adult coot with her two chicks on the bank of the pond. The chicks looked like black balls of fluff on long, stalky legs and they were squeaking as they perused the ground for food. Very cute. I would have taken a photo but only had my phone on me and I didn’t want to get too close to disturb them.

In the last week I caught a hungry fox snacking on some bird seed in the garden. It seems to be quite tame and didn’t mind me watching him.

Hungry Fox eats seeds from the ground
Mister Fox snacks on some bird seed

Today I took part in the Big Butterfly Count, spending 15 minutes to count the butterflies I saw. My results included a Peacock Butterfly, a Red Admiral and a large white butterfly. You can take part until the end of the week, so get on it!

I also saw the Kestral again today. I am convinced it is a Kestral rather than another bird of prey. It was flapping its wings as it hovered over some bushes, and it was quite small in size. Too bad I was driving so couldn’t take a photo and couldn’t take a closer look. Next time!