30 Days Wild – Day 1 & 2

I have been so excited waiting for 30 Days Wild to start! Last year it made me feel so much closer to nature without even realising it, and that has continued throughout the year. I appreciate the nature around me more than I used to, and notice wild animals and wild birds more: I can identify a few more birds than I could last year too. So, let’s get started with 30 Days Wild 2016…


Day 1 – A Walk into Town in the Rain

I started off with an easy one – I walked into town in the rain. Yes, I did have a rain mac on, but I didn’t put the hood up so I could feel the drizzle on my face. It was actually quite refreshing as it was a warm day, especially when getting warm whilst walking.

I also watched Springwatch for the first time this year, as I didn’t realise it had already been on for a few days. I watched the Sparrow Hawk eating different prey on the same log, and the fussy baby bird that refused fox meat from its mother when the meat had any fur still on it.


Day 2 – Kestrel Sighting & Bird Chat

Today I saw the kestrel hovering over the bushes and trees by the downs. I didn’t have my camera with me, so I tried to take a photo on my phone but it’s so far away it just looks like a tiny blurred outline of any bird.

I talked to my colleague about how to identify different birds that I wasn’t sure on: swifts (a dark colour, shaped like a boomerang), swallows (long forked tail), house martins (dark back, white belly and smaller tail fork). I have definitely seen house martins and a swift on the downs before. It’s a great place to spot wildlife, and I love it when I can identify the birds that fly overhead or whizz past. My colleague is into nature too, so we talked about Springwatch from yesterday, and I told her my story about the ‘Magpie Egg Thief’ I mentioned in my previous post.

Now to start thinking of what wild things to do for the rest of the month – I want to do something different every day like I did last year, but also try some new things this year. I am going to try to carry my camera everywhere with me just in case I spot some awesome wildlife just at the right moment.


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