30 Days Wild – Day 8 – Garden Birds & Wildlife

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_08

Today I visited my parents’ house, so it was a great opportunity to take some photos of the wildlife that visits their garden. The baby blue tits that I recorded cheeping previously have fledged now, but unfortunately I didn’t see any. However, I did see a whole host of other visitors. It’s amazing the number of different types of bird that visit their garden, especially considering it is an urban area. It just goes to show that if you provide food for the wildlife, they will come!

Here’s a list of what I saw, and this was just in 20 minute period:

  • Snail
  • Bee
  • Robin
  • Squirrels x2
  • Wood Pigeon x3
  • Blackbird pair
  • Bullfinch pair
  • Blue Tits x3
  • Great Tits x2
  • Collared Dove x2
  • Gold Finch x3
  • Green Finch x2
  • Nuthatch
  • Coal Tit

And here’s some photos of some of these critters:

DSC07036 Bee copyblackbirds2016-06-08Snail copyDSC07052-birds-webDSC07075nuthatchDSC07079bullfinchesgardenbirdsDSC07072squirrel


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