30 Days Wild – Day 10 & 11 – Wild Walk & Seed Planting

Day 10 – Wild Walk

I went for a walk with a friend somewhere I hadn’t been before. We walked through a field to start with, which I have walked through many times before. However, today we decided to explore the woodland. It was a hot, sunny day, so the shade cover from the woodland was very welcome. It was noticeably cooler in there than out in the open. I didn’t see any wildlife bigger than a bug, but there must be so much that lives in there. It was great to explore somewhere new that I hadn’t even noticed, despite visiting the field next to it many times before. Here are some photos from the walk:



Day 11 – Seed Planting

I finally had time to plant some of the seeds that I bought a few days ago. I planted the herbs, and after some advice from my parents I decided to keep them indoors. 
Despite the sunflower seed packet saying to plant by the end of May, I thought I’d give them a go as well. We’re going to see whose grows the fastest!

I also spotted a wild rat outside today – I was so excited. I just managed to take this picture before it dashed into the undergrowth. 



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