30 Days Wild – Day 13 & 14 – Sunset & Nighttime Sounds

Day 13 – Sunset

I watched the sun set over the rooftops and treetops. It wasn’t super impressive; no ‘red sky at night’, but that was because it rained the next day, so no ‘shepherds’ delight’ either. It was cool to see the shade of blue of the sky get darker and the scenery slowly become silhouettes.


Day 14 – Nighttime Sounds

On Day 14 I went outside at nighttime to listen to the wildlife and nature I could hear. In between the passing cars and aeroplanes, I could hear the gentle sound of the wind through the trees and the occasional short rustling of leaves. It was actually really peaceful. I’m sure if it were somewhere without traffic noise it would be even more peaceful, and a good time to ponder over thoughts. Even though it was simple to do, it was actually more rewarding than I thought it would be.


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