30 Days Wild – Days 17-19 – A Trip To London

I was staying in London for the weekend to help with a charity event, so I got to see some very urban nature!

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_17
Day 17 – London Skyline and River Thames
The skyline looks so different to home; fewer trees and houses, and more tall skyscrapers. The sun setting over the River Thames did still look pretty above the buildings.

While walking by the river I came across a note someone had left in the sand of the river bank: “Don’t Litter!!!” Ironically, this was written next to an old tyre that has obviously been there a while as it was covered in green stuff, and a bunch of plastic drinks bottles.

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_18

Day 18 – Greenwich Park

As part of the event, I walked through Greenwich Park to a location where Brownies and Guides were rolling down the hill, bug sweeping, and finding different colours in nature. It was great to see them enjoying nature, and hopefully some of them will keep the interest. The view of London from the top of the hill was stunning:


TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_19
Day 19 – Greenwich Park Sounds & Poem

Walking through the trees in the park, I could hear some birds; A blackbird, a great tit, and another that I couldn’t identify. After doing some research, I believe it could have been a chaffinch.

Here is a poem I have written for Day 19:
Sounds of the birds in the trees,

The buzzing of wings of bees,

The view of the greenery,

And beautiful scenery,

Fill me with wonder and glee.


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