30 Days Wild – Summary & Stay Wild – Visit to a Lavender Field & Woodland

I can’t believe June went so quickly, and in particular my 30 Days Wild. I’ll be honest, I found it a bit of a chore to start with to think of different ideas and fit something wild in every day. I wanted to do something different every day so I didn’t get into the routine of doing the same thing each day. I’ve been really busy recently, so it has certainly been a challenge but I’m very proud to say I did it! I did all 30 days! 
After the first week I thought it wouldn’t make me feel any different by the end of it, but I’m happy to say I was wrong. I definitely feel happier and more wild and I notice wildlife more than I used to (if that’s even possible!). If I’m walking down the road and hear a bird call I always try to identify it, not always successfully!
Even though 30 Days Wild is over, I definitely intend to Stay Wild – starting with today! 
Today I went to a lavender field and nearby woodland with my family. It was so simple but such a fun day out – walking in the shade of the trees, on the mud walkway. And the lavender field smelt amazing! Not all of the lavender was out yet, but it was still very impressive. I would recommend anyone goes to visit one; they’ll be good to visit until September. I even bought a lavender plant from the shop as my lavender seeds failed to grow. The bees seem to love lavender – that’s next on my list; make sure we always have bee-friendly flowers around.



30 Days Wild – Day 30 – Eating Produce

On Day 20 I sewed some cress seeds with the Brownies. Today, I finally harvested them and put them in my sandwich! 

Here is what they looked like before:  

And after:


It felt really good to be using something I have grown from seed. 

At Brownies this week the majority of them said their seeds grew too and they had eaten some cress. It was great to see them so excited about growing their own food from seeds too.