Local Nature Reserves

In the last week I have visited two local wild places. The first one being Priest Hill, which is managed by Surrey Wildlife Trust. The land used to be abandoned playing fields, but has been turned into a nature reserve with the grass and plant-life left to grow naturally. 
I didn’t realise how big it was, but you can walk around the outside of it. There are fences protecting the middle of the reserve and there are signs up indicating there may be ground nesting birds in there. I didn’t see a lot of wildlife, but there were a few birds that flew overhead – one of which was a kestrel. I always get excited when I see a kestrel, partly because I can now identify them, whereas this time last year I couldn’t. And also because they look pretty cute.


Reigate Hill

This was the second place I visited and is owned by the National Trust. I hadn’t been there in ages, so it was nice to revisit. The views from the top are stunning – these photos don’t quite  do it justice.



Cow enjoying the view
We weren’t the only ones enjoying the view

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