Our first seed-feeder visitor

For Christmas I got my boyfriend a seed feeder to stick to the outside of our window. It has been up for four months, but yesterday was the first time we had a visitor to it. They have finally found it! 

Within a minute of the great tit visiting, a jay landed on the window sill. It could see me through the window, and kept ducking down behind our clothes horse that was up. I tried to snap a picture but it flew off. 
The great tit visited twice, and later on the jay tried the window sill again. We are super happy our seed shop finally has customers!


I saved a bee!

This weekend was Brownie pack holiday. Today, the Brownies were having their 11 o’clock fruit snack, when another leader (Pluto, because it is Disney-themed!) saw a bumble bee sitting on the ground outside our hut. The bee wasn’t moving much, so I made up some sugar water and brought it on a spoon. The bee didn’t seem interested, so I poured it on the floor in front of the bee, thinking it would just walk away from it, but to my delight, it started drinking it! You can even see the nozzle drinking up the water.

The Brownies were all asking what I was doing, so I told them. A few of them wrote it into their pack holiday diaries. 

After a few minutes, the bee was walking around with more energy, so the main leader (Mickey Mouse) coaxed the bee onto some paper and put it in the flowers – and it had a new lease of life! Awesome!

Lunch-Time Walk

Today I went for a walk on my lunch break, and it was beautiful. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and it was great to feel connected to nature again. I’m lucky that there is so much nature right by the office. 

I spotted a pier wagtail bobbing on a lamppost, and a crow chasing off a magpie. I even saw a coot for the first time on the pond. Normally there are only ducks and angry geese.

I’m trying to be more active, hence the walk at lunch time, but I’ve also been running in the park too – although there seems to be less wildlife there. Maybe because I’m focussing on running instead of nature!