Day 2 & 3 – Views & Seeds – 30 Days Wild

Day 2 – Enjoying the Office View 

I took a few minutes to appreciate the leafy green view from the office where I work. I am lucky enough to have lots of trees outside the office, and previously I’ve seen a variety of birds fly overhead. A couple of weeks ago a heron flew right past the window at the same height – it was so bizarre! I’ve seen herons before, but never flying right past so close that I could see it’s legs behind it as it flew. 
Day 3 – Planting Basil Seeds

As a present a while ago I was given a little ceramic panda with a tiny plant pot on its back to plant seeds in. I finally got around planting basil seeds in it. A felt tongue sticks out of the pandas mouth and dips into a small dish of water, so that the panda can “lick” the water to then absorb into the soil. Pretty cute. 


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