Day 9 – Bee ID, Lilypads & Bonus Bat

On my lunchtime walk today I stopped to watch a bumblebee searching for his lunch on a plant. 

It made me really happy to see it. Then, to my delight, a honey bee came and joined him on the same plant. It must have been tasty.

Look closely at the bees legs; you can see the pollen it has collected. 
Honey bees look a bit like wasps, except they have a furry body and their yellow colour is more of a golden/orange colour. Wasps have smoother bodies and are bright yellow, almost like a warning.

I also stopped to admire the beautiful flowers that have appeared on the lilypads in the pond.

In the evening I went to my parents’ house. At dusk I managed to grab a glimpse of a bat flying around their garden. But that is all it was – a glimpse and then it was gone!


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