Day 10 & 11 – Garden Time & Rainbow Flowers – 30 Days Wild

Day 10 – Garden Time

It was great to spend some time outside while the weather was nice. I flew a drone around my parents’ garden with my family (we each took it in turns) and then played frisbee, which was great fun, and surprisingly tiring. We were in the garden for at least an hour, and it was lovely to be in such green surroundings, and being able to take time out to just enjoy the moment.

Day 11 – Rainbow Flowers & Walk

While visiting my parents, I managed to snap photos of flowers of all the colours of the rainbow! Such a pretty garden. And many of them are bee friendly too! Check out the yellow flower with a bee on it.

I walked with my family down a local road lined by trees too. It was really nice to spend some time with them and have a chat on our walk.


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