Day 19 – Bringing the Outside In – 30 Days Wild

This beautiful rose has made its way from my parents’ garden to my vase. It smells lovely, and I can’t wait for the other two buds to bloom too. 

I had to transport the flower in 30 degree heat, so to stop it drying out, my mum and I came up with a clever idea – put the stem in a food bag partly filled with water. And to stop it falling over, the food bag was placed inside an empty yoghurt pot. It worked a treat.


Day 10 & 11 – Garden Time & Rainbow Flowers – 30 Days Wild

Day 10 – Garden Time

It was great to spend some time outside while the weather was nice. I flew a drone around my parents’ garden with my family (we each took it in turns) and then played frisbee, which was great fun, and surprisingly tiring. We were in the garden for at least an hour, and it was lovely to be in such green surroundings, and being able to take time out to just enjoy the moment.

Day 11 – Rainbow Flowers & Walk

While visiting my parents, I managed to snap photos of flowers of all the colours of the rainbow! Such a pretty garden. And many of them are bee friendly too! Check out the yellow flower with a bee on it.

I walked with my family down a local road lined by trees too. It was really nice to spend some time with them and have a chat on our walk.

September Sunflowers

I know it’s now October, but our sunflowers finally started flowering in September. In fact, they still have flowers now. We planted them as part of 30 Days Wild back in June, which seems like ages ago now. Mine won for the tallest and for flowering first.

The herbs are growing huge too – I’ve used the basil and oregano in meals but not yet the thyme and chives.

The basil at the back is growing HUGE, and the one at the front-right has been eaten a bit by moth caterpillars. I’m surprised at how well the herbs have grown and I definitely would grow them from seed again; it’s so rewarding seeing them grow and getting to eat them.

30 Days Wild – Day 16 – Origami Animals & Flower Planting

Today I made a selection of origami wildlife; a flower, a frog and a horse. I have got an origami calendar on my desk with one origami challenge a day – I had a few days to catch up on. Below you can see some other animals I have made this year too – from the back, left to right: flower, panda, owl, frog, horse, fox and pig. My favourite is the panda.


I also managed to finally plant the flowers that we bought for the balcony box, and planted some bee-friendly flower seeds next to them. The packets said to plant them by May, but I thought a few weeks wouldn’t make too much difference. I’m no flower expert, but hopefully they will turn out ok.


And finally, I watched the last episode of Springwatch. Watching the sparrowhawk chick hatch was mesmerising. It looked so much bigger once it’s fluffy feathers had dried.

30 Days Wild – Day 15 – Rainbow Flowers

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_15

Today I looked for all the colours of the rainbow in flower form in the garden and I think I was pretty successful – take a look:

red orange

green blue

While I was taking these photos, a bee flew into the side of my hand, bounced off and flew away. It was a bit of a surprise and at first I thought it might have stung me, but it hadn’t. However, it did leave a trail of wet droplets on my camera screen – I think it was because the bee was wet from the wet flowers.

30 Days Wild – Day 6 & 7 – Star Gazing & Gardening Supplies

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_06

Day 6 – Star Gazing

It was a clear night on day 6, so I decided to grab my tripod and my camera and take some long exposures of the stars at night. I was lucky enough to have been bought a night photography course as a gift which I did last year, so I put my knowledge into practice. I put my camera into manual mode and started snapping. It took a few attempts at changing the ISO, aperture and shutter speed, but I managed to get a couple of shots I like. I have no idea if there are any constellations here, but if anyone can spot any please let me know:


TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_07
Day 7 – Gardening Supplies

I went to the garden centre to buy some pots, seeds and plants for our balcony as it is currently a flora-free zone. I’ll be honest, I had no idea what compost to buy or which plants go well together, but I’m sure I can make something nice with what I bought. Before I went, I briefly researched bee-friendly plants so I had a rough idea of what to look out for: single, purple flowers are a good option. Some of the seed packets had a bee-friendly symbols on which was helpful.
My plan is to make our balcony as wildlife-friendly as I can with the limited space. Here are the supplies so far (plus a bag of compost):

I watched Springwatch again on days 6 and 7. The story that stood out the most was that of the single blue tit parent that has been feeding four great tit chicks thinking they are her own! It seems like the great tit eggs may have already been in the nest before the blue tit took it on, then she added her eggs to the batch. The great tit chicks were bigger than the blue tit chicks, and they survived over her own offspring and she continues to feed them as if they were her own. What an incredible story.