I saved a bee!

This weekend was Brownie pack holiday. Today, the Brownies were having their 11 o’clock fruit snack, when another leader (Pluto, because it is Disney-themed!) saw a bumble bee sitting on the ground outside our hut. The bee wasn’t moving much, so I made up some sugar water and brought it on a spoon. The bee didn’t seem interested, so I poured it on the floor in front of the bee, thinking it would just walk away from it, but to my delight, it started drinking it! You can even see the nozzle drinking up the water.

The Brownies were all asking what I was doing, so I told them. A few of them wrote it into their pack holiday diaries. 

After a few minutes, the bee was walking around with more energy, so the main leader (Mickey Mouse) coaxed the bee onto some paper and put it in the flowers – and it had a new lease of life! Awesome!


Growing Up Wild – A Wild Adventure Day


Back in October, I helped to run the Growing Up Wild event for Girlguiding in Surrey. I haven’t had a chance to blog for a while but wanted to write about it as it was an awesome day. It was a day event held at Norbury Park, in partnership with Girlguiding and Surrey Wildlife Trust. Over 500 Rainbows, Brownies and Guides attended, along with their leaders and volunteers, totaling over 700 people. Also in attendance was the HM Lord-Lieutenant of Surrey Mr Michael More-Molyneux and the High Sheriff of Surrey Richard Whittington.

Activities ranged from making mud pies and building wigwams, to identifying mini-beasts, to lighting fires with flint and steel, over which the girls toasted marshmallows.


Some activities were Section-specific: While Rainbows were identifying leaves and plants, Brownies made bushcraft in the form of willow-weaving and making stick men, and the Guides got stuck in with conservation work in the woodland; cutting down immature trees to encourage growth and also to build a natural fence.

There were lots of happy faces and many positive comments on the day and after the event. It was a first for a Growing Up Wild event of this scale, and the planning team are very much hoping to hold a similar event in the future.

I was part of the planning team for the whole event, not just on the day, and it is definitely something I would do again. I learnt a lot, and it was great fun to design the badge!