Days 13-15 – Walk instead of Drive, Magpie Thief, Sunset – 30 Days Wild

Day 13 – Walk instead of Drive

I went out for dinner to a local restaurant and instead of a 5-10 minute drive, we walked instead. It took about 35 minutes and our walk took us past a farm with cows and sheep close by. Two cows were dining next to each other on some long grass. Two goldfinch flew out of a tree right in front of us and twittered as they landed on a fence and then flew into the distance. It was a pretty warm walk, but it was totally worth it.
Day 14 – Magpie Thief

Last year I wrote about a magpie stealing a pigeons egg, and another attacking a rat that had just climbed out of a drain. This year, I witnessed a magpie learning to land on our window seed-feeder. The magpie is so big compared to the feeder that is had to squat down in order to fit inside. The magpie was stealing seeds from the feeder, and purposely knocking many seeds out of the seed tray by swinging its beak side to side. Naughty magpie! 

Day 15 – Watch the Sunset

A simple pleasure – watching a pretty sunset. I’ve been waiting all week for a good sunset, and today I finally got one. The clouds were pink as the sun went down, but the pinkness slowly faded to blue.


Rat vs Magpie


 I can’t believe this happened right in front of me today. I was walking into town when a rat climbed out of a drain by the kerb a few metres away from me. It jumped up the kerb and ran across my path to a grassy patch and the safety of nestling up close to a brick wall. I stopped to take a photo and then started taking a video as the rat ran and jumped forwards over the grass that was about the same height as her.
As I was taking a video, a magpie jumped down and tried to attack the rat – right in front of me – and the rat screeched. The magpie jumped up and landed on a street name sign. I didn’t know what to do but instinctively wanted to protect the rat so I scared the magpie away. The rat ran back to the grassy area by the brick wall and started walking next to the wall. There was another magpie sitting on the roof of the house behind the wall, and the attacker-magpie was in a tree just below it. I stood there, knowing my presence would deter the birds from attacking. The rat probably didn’t even know I was protecting it, but I stayed until the birds flew away. I considered guiding the rat towards safety, but I wasn’t sure the best place for it as it was a residential area. I left the rat where it was, hoping that the magpies wouldn’t return. 

Here is the video I took: