Days 29-30 – Wear Something Wild & Kingfisher Sighting – 30 Days Wild

Day 29 – Wear Something Wild

Today I wore a shirt that has resulted in many compliments when wearing it. It has ladybirds over it, and I think it’s fabulous.

Day 30 – Kingfisher Sighting

This was totally unexpected. I was eating my lunch next to the pond (pictured) near where I work, and out flew a brightly coloured kingfisher with a small fish in its beak! I could clearly see the flashes of blue on its back and orange-red on its front as it whizzed past. I have always wanted to see a wild kingfisher and now I have! I was more than delighted!


Day 9 – Bee ID, Lilypads & Bonus Bat

On my lunchtime walk today I stopped to watch a bumblebee searching for his lunch on a plant. 

It made me really happy to see it. Then, to my delight, a honey bee came and joined him on the same plant. It must have been tasty.

Look closely at the bees legs; you can see the pollen it has collected. 
Honey bees look a bit like wasps, except they have a furry body and their yellow colour is more of a golden/orange colour. Wasps have smoother bodies and are bright yellow, almost like a warning.

I also stopped to admire the beautiful flowers that have appeared on the lilypads in the pond.

In the evening I went to my parents’ house. At dusk I managed to grab a glimpse of a bat flying around their garden. But that is all it was – a glimpse and then it was gone!

30 Days Wild 2017 – Day 1 – Lunch by a Lake

It’s that time of year again! Today is day 1 of 30 Days Wild (created by The Wildlife Trusts) – exciting times! This is my third year of taking part, and I have definitely been looking forward to it. I was sad that I didn’t receive my pack in the post, and I almost forgot it was happening, I’ve been so busy lately. But I did remember, so here is what my Day 1 involved…

Today I had lunch by a lake with some colleagues. It was beautiful. The sun was shining, we were sensibly sitting in the shade, and I got to watch dragon flies and damsel flies flying over the lake, and occasionally fly past our table.
I recently researched the difference between the two – damsel flies hold their wings behind them when they land, whereas dragon flies hold their wings out to the side. The damsel flies I saw were a deep blue colour, and seemed to all be mating as they flew around in pairs attached to each other. The dragon flies had shorter, fatter bodies. 
Another character I saw was a coot with a cute, fluffy baby swimming alongside it, squeaking occasionally to ask for food. The parent was picking bits out by the rocks to feed the youngster. I would love to go back to the lake to take some proper photos on my camera.

Baby Coots, Hungry Fox, Big Butterfly Count and Kestral Sighting

I have had a little break from my blog as July is always a busy month for me, but by no means has that meant a break from wildlife and nature.

A few days ago I saw an adult coot with her two chicks on the bank of the pond. The chicks looked like black balls of fluff on long, stalky legs and they were squeaking as they perused the ground for food. Very cute. I would have taken a photo but only had my phone on me and I didn’t want to get too close to disturb them.

In the last week I caught a hungry fox snacking on some bird seed in the garden. It seems to be quite tame and didn’t mind me watching him.

Hungry Fox eats seeds from the ground
Mister Fox snacks on some bird seed

Today I took part in the Big Butterfly Count, spending 15 minutes to count the butterflies I saw. My results included a Peacock Butterfly, a Red Admiral and a large white butterfly. You can take part until the end of the week, so get on it!

I also saw the Kestral again today. I am convinced it is a Kestral rather than another bird of prey. It was flapping its wings as it hovered over some bushes, and it was quite small in size. Too bad I was driving so couldn’t take a photo and couldn’t take a closer look. Next time!

30 Days Wild – Day 5 – Where Are The Ducks?

I visited the pond today with the intention of feeding the ducks, but they were nowhere to be seen. I took a bag full of duck food; bread is not great food for ducks as it lacks much nutritional value but can fill them up, stopping them from eating the diet they require.

While at the pond I did see some other birds – two Canadian geese, 20 Jackdaws and a Coot that picked up some weeds and ran away with them. It was funny to watch him run in the shallow water.

goose jackdaws


I also saw some bees visiting a mass of flowers. There were around 10 bees that I could see, and each had it’s bottom half totally covered in pollen. The plant must have been very sneaky to leave so much pollen on the bees!

30 Days Wild – Day 3 – A Lunchtime Walk

Today I spent my lunchtime enjoying nature; I walked down a wooded road, leading to a beautiful, tranquil pond. 


The birds I saw included:

  • Mallard x15ish
  • Canadian goose x2
  • Heron x1
  • Crow x1
  • Jackdaw x2
  • Magpie x1

Whilst on my walk, a ladybird flew in front of me, leading the way. It was something so small that most people wouldn’t have even noticed it, but since taking part in 30 Days Wild I have noticed a lot more of the nature around me. It really does give me pleasure and makes me feel a better person for not taking it all for granted.