30 Days Wild – Day 25 – Minibeast Hunting

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_25

A visit to my parents’ house meant I could watch the birds feasting in the garden as there are a few different bird feeders there. There are so many varieties of bird that visit, it’s great to see. However, today wasn’t about birds. Today was about insects. I went in search of insects in amongst the greenery. I came across:

  • A bee looking for nectar in the Foxgloves
  • A spider in an impressive web
  • A snail sleeping under a leaf
  • A ladybird larvae
  • A small bug – not sure what it is
  • An ant going for a walk

30 Days Wild – Day 11 – Baby Spider Discovery

Today’s 30 Days Wild nature find involved a bunch of spiders that have hatched out on our bin. There were almost 70 of the little yellow and black babies huddling together to eventually form a tight group. I am not sure what type of spider these are as I have never seen them before. I am also wondering what the benefit to them is for huddling together – I guess it pays to be a part of a swarm when trying to defend themselves.

Ideally I would have a super-awesome macro photo of them too, but this is something to aim for in the future.