Days 25-26 – Snail Graffiti & Wild Photography Books – 30 Days Wild

Day 25 – Snail Graffiti

Whilst on a trip to Brighton, I came across this delightful snail graffiti. Doesn’t he look happy!

Day 26 – Wild Photography Books

I have dipped into my wildlife photography books again to inspire me to take better photographs. One day I’ll be able to take awesome wild pictures!


30 Days Wild – Day 26 – Wildlife Count & Baby Birds

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_26

I have watched the wildlife from my window for months now and have never made a note of what I actually see. So today I spent 20 minutes, whilst eating my breakfast, to make a note of the wildlife that came to visit. Here goes:

  • Carrion Crow
  • Squirrel
  • Rat
  • Noisy Blackbird
  • 2 small brown birds that were too fast to identify
  • Sparrow
  • Flying overhead: Swift


Nowhere near as much as the wildlife that visits my parents’ garden. I also visited my parents’ house again and got to see an adult starling with two young starlings visit the feeders, and also a blue tit adult with two young blue tits. I really enjoy watching the birds visit – there is always something going on in the garden to watch. One juvenile blue tit was furiously vibrating its wings to get the adult’s attention. I managed to take a photo just at the right moment to catch the adult feeding the juvenile – amazing!


30 Days Wild – Day 25 – Minibeast Hunting

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_25

A visit to my parents’ house meant I could watch the birds feasting in the garden as there are a few different bird feeders there. There are so many varieties of bird that visit, it’s great to see. However, today wasn’t about birds. Today was about insects. I went in search of insects in amongst the greenery. I came across:

  • A bee looking for nectar in the Foxgloves
  • A spider in an impressive web
  • A snail sleeping under a leaf
  • A ladybird larvae
  • A small bug – not sure what it is
  • An ant going for a walk

30 Days Wild – Day 8 – Garden Birds & Wildlife

TWT 30 Days Wild_countdown_08

Today I visited my parents’ house, so it was a great opportunity to take some photos of the wildlife that visits their garden. The baby blue tits that I recorded cheeping previously have fledged now, but unfortunately I didn’t see any. However, I did see a whole host of other visitors. It’s amazing the number of different types of bird that visit their garden, especially considering it is an urban area. It just goes to show that if you provide food for the wildlife, they will come!

Here’s a list of what I saw, and this was just in 20 minute period:

  • Snail
  • Bee
  • Robin
  • Squirrels x2
  • Wood Pigeon x3
  • Blackbird pair
  • Bullfinch pair
  • Blue Tits x3
  • Great Tits x2
  • Collared Dove x2
  • Gold Finch x3
  • Green Finch x2
  • Nuthatch
  • Coal Tit

And here’s some photos of some of these critters:

DSC07036 Bee copyblackbirds2016-06-08Snail copyDSC07052-birds-webDSC07075nuthatchDSC07079bullfinchesgardenbirdsDSC07072squirrel

30 Days Wild – Day 15 – Read a Wildlife Photography Article

My long-term aim is to improve my wildlife photography skills. So today I bought this magazine which contains an article on how to take great photos of birds in motion. 

The article provides lots of tips from composition to timing to metering. I certainly have a lot to learn and I am hoping once I have more time I will be able to get some practice in and maybe even buy some fancy equipment to make it easier and to help me take awesome photos.