Day 9 – Bee ID, Lilypads & Bonus Bat

On my lunchtime walk today I stopped to watch a bumblebee searching for his lunch on a plant. 

It made me really happy to see it. Then, to my delight, a honey bee came and joined him on the same plant. It must have been tasty.

Look closely at the bees legs; you can see the pollen it has collected. 
Honey bees look a bit like wasps, except they have a furry body and their yellow colour is more of a golden/orange colour. Wasps have smoother bodies and are bright yellow, almost like a warning.

I also stopped to admire the beautiful flowers that have appeared on the lilypads in the pond.

In the evening I went to my parents’ house. At dusk I managed to grab a glimpse of a bat flying around their garden. But that is all it was – a glimpse and then it was gone!

Days 6-8 – Plan a Wild Trip, Bug Rescue & Spring Watch


I have been researching into a wild trip. I want to see puffins and red squirrels, so I started looking into trips to see puffins. Last year my friend went to Skomer Island, off the coast of Wales, to take photos and it sounded awesome. I have been researching into the trip. It turns out the Wildlife Trust of South & West Wales has the details.


Boat trips only run 3 times a days, and only 250 people are allowed on the island per day to protect the envirnoment and habitat for the wildlife. Different wildlife you can see (depending on the time of year you visit) are:

  • Puffins
  • Dolphins
  • Porpoises
  • Seals
  • Guillemots
  • Razorbills
  • Rabbits
  • Short-eared owls


This sounds awesome! I might have to wait until next year to go, as my summer is getting full, and the best time to see the puffins between April and July.
Day 7 – Bug Rescue

At lunch time at work there were a few bugs that decided to fly in the door of the canteen and join our table. First of all, a bumblebee flew in and was buzzing by the window. Next was a green shield bug, then a tiny green beetle that ended up sitting on the table in front of me. My colleague wanted to squish it so I was the bug’s personal body guard and kept it safe. Eventually all the bugs flew outside, but I was ready to rescue them.
Day 8 – Watched Spring Watch & Hedgehog Video

Today I came across this hedgehog video – that’s twice I’ve seen this behaviour on video now. It made me laugh. I also watched Spring Watch on BBC2. It was heart-warming to watch the baby swallows being so well fed by the adults, and the peregrines adopting another chick that wasn’t theirs. My favourite was the stoat that was so agile as it jumped over tall grass to move her kits to a cleaner nest.

Day 5 – A Walk in the Rain – 30 Days Wild

The weather forecast predicted rain, so I went for a walk with my boyfriend, obviously. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t great to start with – a bit chilly – but it actually turned out to be quite pleasant. I had been watching the raindrops on the window, but a walk was just what I needed.
I rescued a snail from the footpath, and put him amongst some low-lying leaves. He was heading towards the road, so I felt the need to move him to safety. Although, for all I know he could have been annoyed that he has to cover that ground again!
For the last part of the walk the rain was heavier and the wind was blowing it into our faces, so we were glad to get back home. However it was a definite mood booster.

Day 4 – Bird Sounds – 30 Days Wild

Today’s nature task was totally unplanned. I had some time to kill, so I sat for half an hour and listened to the sound of the wind through the trees and the birds outside. 

Since having our seed feeder out, I have learnt the sound of a Chaffinch calling. Mr Chaffinch is our most frequent visitor and I could hear him calling in the nearby trees. I can tell it’s a Mr Chaffinch by his bright colours. He then came to visit our feeder.

There was a Magpie about too – also a frequent sound I hear. But there was another couple of birds that I couldn’t identify, so I’ll have to research these sounds:

Day 2 & 3 – Views & Seeds – 30 Days Wild

Day 2 – Enjoying the Office View 

I took a few minutes to appreciate the leafy green view from the office where I work. I am lucky enough to have lots of trees outside the office, and previously I’ve seen a variety of birds fly overhead. A couple of weeks ago a heron flew right past the window at the same height – it was so bizarre! I’ve seen herons before, but never flying right past so close that I could see it’s legs behind it as it flew. 
Day 3 – Planting Basil Seeds

As a present a while ago I was given a little ceramic panda with a tiny plant pot on its back to plant seeds in. I finally got around planting basil seeds in it. A felt tongue sticks out of the pandas mouth and dips into a small dish of water, so that the panda can “lick” the water to then absorb into the soil. Pretty cute. 

30 Days Wild 2017 – Day 1 – Lunch by a Lake

It’s that time of year again! Today is day 1 of 30 Days Wild (created by The Wildlife Trusts) – exciting times! This is my third year of taking part, and I have definitely been looking forward to it. I was sad that I didn’t receive my pack in the post, and I almost forgot it was happening, I’ve been so busy lately. But I did remember, so here is what my Day 1 involved…

Today I had lunch by a lake with some colleagues. It was beautiful. The sun was shining, we were sensibly sitting in the shade, and I got to watch dragon flies and damsel flies flying over the lake, and occasionally fly past our table.
I recently researched the difference between the two – damsel flies hold their wings behind them when they land, whereas dragon flies hold their wings out to the side. The damsel flies I saw were a deep blue colour, and seemed to all be mating as they flew around in pairs attached to each other. The dragon flies had shorter, fatter bodies. 
Another character I saw was a coot with a cute, fluffy baby swimming alongside it, squeaking occasionally to ask for food. The parent was picking bits out by the rocks to feed the youngster. I would love to go back to the lake to take some proper photos on my camera.

Our first seed-feeder visitor

For Christmas I got my boyfriend a seed feeder to stick to the outside of our window. It has been up for four months, but yesterday was the first time we had a visitor to it. They have finally found it! 

Within a minute of the great tit visiting, a jay landed on the window sill. It could see me through the window, and kept ducking down behind our clothes horse that was up. I tried to snap a picture but it flew off. 
The great tit visited twice, and later on the jay tried the window sill again. We are super happy our seed shop finally has customers!